T'mimei Lev

The Manchester Jewish School for Special Education

The alternatives

Parents have the option of sending their special child to a local authority run school. There are some of quality in the area, but they cannot adequately provide for the Jewish child. Imagine the problems caused at home when the child comes out with carols instead of zemiros at the shabbos table, or the inappropriate and sometimes explicit language they pick up in what for them is an alien environment. Not only do they suffer these very real problems but miss out on learning the language and customs of our rich heritage.

Some parents try to keep their children in mainstream schools, often with extra support. However this only stores up problems for later on in life. While the child is young he or she may be able to cope, but as they get older, the academic and social gap widens, putting pressures on the child which can cause problems that only compound the difficulties the child (and family) faces.

Providing for a community as diverse as ours means that to set up a unit as part of one of our mainstream schools would only alienate and exclude some sections of the community. Setting up a number of units at a number of schools would lose all the advantages of being able to pool resources and expertise, and is unlikely to be viable considering the relatively small number of children involved.

Such units would face other difficulties, such as:
(a) the distraction they would cause to the already over-stretched resources of the mainstream school, and
(b) the age range of the mainstream school would have to be applied to the unit (e.g. junior or secondary school), preventing the pooling of resources to provide a single centre of expertise.

Current provision

T'mimei Lev provides a day school, an after school club and our integrated nursery 'Torah Tots', providing care for those special children of preschool age, in an integrated, stimulating and caring environment, as well as Sunday morning cheder when we are joined by children who are not able to be with us during the week.

We are housed in the Jewish Cultural Centre, but have outgrown the space available and are looking for our own premises.

Both the school and nursery are registered with the local authorities and have been inspected by Ofsted.