T'mimei Lev

The Manchester Jewish School for Special Education

The future

Our aim is to develop a centre of excellence in the provision of special education.

We plan to extend the scope of our activities to reach a larger number of children, which will of course require more facilities, staffing and resources. Indeed, we are being pressed to provide creche facilities for even younger children of mothers who need a break or who are returning to work .

In order to achieve this, and with it approval of the community at large, we will need considerably more classroom, therapy and play areas including appropriate and safe outdoor play and recreation facilities.

It is very difficult to estimate the true numbers of children we will be providing for in the future. But as we are becoming more established and our achievements more widely recognised the number of enquiry's is growing daily.

Our activities are funded almost exclusively by private donation, which severely limits our ability to move forward.

As with all projects of this sort we are constantly looking for sources of funding and assistance to enable us to continue our vital work.